Sunday, April 08, 2007

its early ta squack

but facing a 2-zip deficit in the ninth, mags strolls up and rips a double. guillen walks and then pudge delivers big with a 3 run dinger. the detroit nine go on to win 3-2.

its a long season, i know. but specifically for that reason we do love the fight in them tigers. it would have been easy to walk away and call it done. not an acceptable alternative for the leyland club.

to say nuthin of the mighty Sparties getting the job done and being crowned the best team in college hockey last night.

on another note:
they finally dropped season 2! my copy delivered friday while i was out. gotta wait till tommorow.

(for shame. tiger just dropped one in the watts. after a remarkable eagle, sure sucks bein him.)

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