Wednesday, April 11, 2007

an occurance

endulge a rant.

how to set it up. its kinda tough.
and not sure its germane. so lemme step back and just draw a comparison between today's experience and life in the laundromat.

been a couple long days. in that context i walk on up to the ticket dealie in the umall to find out how much i gotta pay to get out of the parking structure.
walk on up is probably wrong. i will say i was in something of a hurry.
and it was like walkin up to a drier. there was a woman reaching into her purse, fumbling to find her ticket. me? i'm tryinn ta get back in the mix. got my ticket in hand. thinkin get me on outta here.
so i gesture. woman is clearly not ready ta pay the fare. drop my tix in.
take care of things and then....

ya cant make this shit up.

i'm walkin out and the woman snarks: something along the line about nobody having time any more. like somehow i had cut ahead and was encroaching on her entitlement. lookin over my shoulder in disbelief.

one day i want to be the person that snarks. is entitled.

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