Saturday, April 07, 2007

zeroing in

w/ details to follow.
been working on prospective the route through the prezies.

day 1 = boot spur from pinkham notch to lake of the clouds hut, knocking off monroe/franklin/ike, w/ a return to the lake and rest.

day 2 = sunrise cruise (cause i do love the advent) on washington, and then a push through clay/jeff/adams. hang the hat for the evening at the madison hut.

day 3 = the return. grab madison (perhaps another sunrise) and hook back on over to pinkham notch.

not fer nuthin, but it seems within reach.
i'd really like to stay up high on the way back from madison and catch some more vids of washington. i have yet to noodle through that part, but it might be worth an extra day to just kinda laze and position.

in the meantime we got the mighty sparties fightin for the ncaa hockey crown tonight.
sopranos and entourage tomorrow night.
tigers ball vs. the kc royals on tonight.

looking forward. got a busy monday and a trip to placid and saranac tuesday.


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