Saturday, January 06, 2007

with a nod to john travolta in pulp fiction....

so my bro called me out the other day about the lack of recent posts.
not much to say in response.
tough to engage.

this from a trip back from placid the other night. crazy sunset colors. pix isn't real good, but worth airing....

lemme throw this inta the mix.
its 1/6/07. in vermont. and its currently 59 friggin degrees. rainin as we speak.
the odd lack of seasonal consistency has me thrown for a loop. seems like the transitional mode between fall and winter just wants ta keep on keepin on, preventing me from getting excited at all about making a run up the mountain. gotta be just a mess on the trail, any trail. provisionally i was thinking about wright/algonquin in the dax for today. woke up, gave it a quick scan, not a chance.

instead filled me belly with breakfast at a local diner.
and then cruised out to check out kitchen-aid mixers.

thinkin about delving into the art of charcuterie and so i'm gonna need some type of meat grinder (the while thinkin about my moms circling the handle of a manual grinder, all to make a recipie outta a red, betty crocker cookbook, croquets i think, that none of us dug).

and i'm gonna need some type of smoker.

here's a bit of hip pulp:

oh. and lemme say. the whole hue and cry to send more troops: its political. go big 'er go home. and politics are getting in the way. to make any necessary difference, we'd need a whole lot more commitment than the 20,000 troops rumored. and yet the prez appears comfortable. so if wins the day, a gestural failure is certain. if the dems manage to block any additional escalation, we're left w/ what will become untenable vacuum.

to close:
try and find something that ya dig the most!

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