Monday, January 22, 2007

two things

fer starters a funny addition to the ongoing inclusion of images from marvel pulp.
this from an issue of the ff from '63.
my tech brothers. in the soup!
not sure it translates over to a general audience, but there ya have it. ya may just have to have punched the power button only to hear the motherboard angrily barkin back to have true appreciation.

and second. from now forward, i will be known by the appelation ABE FROEMAN, sausage king of griove street. too funny. on saturday grabbed a 5 lb. slab of pork belly from bob the butcher and that's now sittin in the fridge becomin' bacon. also grabbed a chunk of pork butt that i seasoned overnight and today ran through a grinder inta pork casing. a tricky little endeavour but in the end, well, it looks like i got sausage. call me an artisan cook.
we'll see how it all tastes. but i may be onta something.

interesting. yesterdays times and the book review. cant recall as much room devoted to any other author/book. mailer's got a new novel out. and the lead in references armies of the night. meanwhile i'm in the laundry reading through lowell's letters. who of course plays a prominent role in the text. letters i'm reading now are circa 61. kennedy white house, so shit hasn't yet hit the fan with the war, but think i may take a detour and reread mailer. wouldn't that be an odd, but interesting conjunction. and then maybe spin out and read the new mailer.

(problem is i got pound's cantos, carlos williams' paterson and the new pynchon on the dock. guess its a time issue and an arguement for being a grad student. just dont seem to have the time. or maybe i do, but instead i'm ABE FROEMAN.)

tomorrow off to saranac lake.
tonight, the balance = BAUER!

been a bit since i posted. hope this suffices!
peace y'all

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