Friday, December 29, 2006

keirkegardian repitition

so kierkegard had this neat idea of "repitition."
singular moments revisited will give you an idea as to temporal change. that is, if in memory you can reconnect with a moment in the past, and then revisit the emotional content of that moment at a later time, you can trace change and personal development.

so tonight i dropped the seager sessions record in and turned it up loud.
"pay me my money down,
pay me, pay me, my money down."
in the dreary and grey moments of spring, re-collecting the first listen.
trip to philly (to see blue sky for the first time in who knows). gettin stiff armed on an attempt up haystack, due to a raging john's brook. reading through eliot. and trying to negotiate the haze.

so is new years about recollection and repitition or is it about the chance of renewal?
thinking that a reinvention fer me is in store yet again, and looking forward. dare i say, keep the drive live?

way tired but i hope to roll out for a sunrise on the hump.
we'll see.

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