Tuesday, October 31, 2006

do you know about 1968?

think i might start diggin inta things, rootin around and such.
and this exists more as a prelude, which may not even come to fruition, to the effort.

but i'm watchin the clash dvd "westway to the world" and strummer recognizes it as the tipping point.
which i've always kinda recognized as well. student riots in france, dark star performed by the dead @ the fillmore, all hell breaking loose in vietnam/cambodia/laos, civil rights movement in the states, to say nothing of the woman's movement.

not sure what fiction was published. not sure what the philosephes were about. movies? don't know.

so i may very well go back and see if i can't get together a snapshot.

be good.
we got an election on tuesday. in the words of the only burlington band that mattered -- pinhead -- be a good citrizen!

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