Wednesday, November 01, 2006


so yet another quick trip over to lake placid today.
faced some utterly remarkable work-related hurdles, but that's
just that. work.

i did my best to at least attempt to shift modes on the way home, cause it really was a pretty nice day out. would have been a shame not to at least take a bit of time to recognize.

will say, though, it wasn't easy. man-o-man-o.

and what about friggin, stupid kerry???? nice work dude. dems got what appears to be an undeniable short track, and yet cause he's a dope, all of a sudden he unnecessarily gives the republicans something to gain a bit of traction on. sure he misspoke. doesn't really matter. the news cycle is now dominated by his idiocy instead of all that matters.

anyway: enjoy the pix.
(we'll see if we cant begin to dig into '68)

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