Saturday, October 28, 2006


October 27, 2006

Detroit 2, St. Louis 4 at Busch Stadium
Detroit Record: (1-4)
St. Louis Record: (4-1)

pick 'em up stix. and look ever forward to the dawn of a new season.
turtles and all that....

actually had to log some time in the salt mine this mornin.
given the cold and driving rain: if yer gonna have to work, not a bad day to do it.

with a whole sunday to look forward to, now the question hinges on the seasonal transition. half thininking about sticking tight for a cruise in vermont up the hill @ sunrise. my guess = not gonna be a whole lotta light coming out of the east. then agin, given the wheather, there's nonetheless gonna be snow up there. could be kinda cool.
or not.
with no in betweens.

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