Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gothics etc.

so the tigers game is on espn II.
white sox rush out in the first and touch up zach for 3.
bounce. get three back. (that's my team)

then the kid gets punished again in the second. leyland appropriately just brought the hook.

tell ya: spectacular looking at motown on the horizon, over right center.

now 6-3. erg.

plan's for gothics are solidified in the bean. could do something new, but eff it. i just love the slides. gothics and gonna be a thrill.
weather's supposed to be shitty, but what do they know anyway.

could do a sunset cruise tommorow. dont know yet.
if so: stay tuned, cause that crazy light does manage to lend a neat cast on things.
q. = how early would one have to get up and at 'em for a sunset on gothics?


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