Tuesday, August 22, 2006

nuthin much ta say...

but thought i'd check in anyway.
how's that fer being narcissistic.

actually kind of in a crouch. still.

all last weekend concentrated on reinvigorating and reestablishing.

between work and play, jack was not gettin dull, but just worn down.
outta kilter, inspite of what in the immediate seemed were correct decisions. sunrise hike: yup. sunset hike: yup. nother sunset hike: yup.

gettin old, after all. gotta recognize.

this past weekend kept tight as already noted. wincing over the redsox absolutely imploding, reading a bunch (joe tasker. "savage arena." adds up to more crazy bivouacs and frozen fingers), logging time wading through the second season of "carnivale" (evidence enough of someone unplugged. grab a season and begin slogging through--saying all the while: just one more episode), working on and gettin my pix in a semblance of order, cooking up some good grub, etc...

resolved. going to begin a study of lewis and clark, as mentioned. grabbed the ken burns documentary as a start. have the ambrose book and the journals themselves ordered and on the way from amazon. hmmmmmmmmm.
again. just a heads up, cause the blog may take a turn of sorts. or at least fill out.

this week: looking to lay down more of the same. was actually planning on another sunset cruise for today/tonight but pulled the plug on the idea. just wanna be chillin. in a crouch.

its tuesday, got whats appearing to be a full day slated tommorow, but sittin here, now, in parallel, all of a sudden feeling like a 'dacks cruise is in order for the coming weekend. in fact, could be time for a gothics cruise. grab some of the good stuff and return. like a tightly coiled sping, things are gonna have to recoil. and they will!

have never done the cables goin up (thinkin out loud) but i friggin hate that orebed trail.
so here's the deal. gothics goin up from the garden, take a left early, hit the wolfjaws and then over and like the batman down the cables. tasty. there ya have it. provisionally.

tigers up up 3-0, did i mention!
gonna go into the shadows and they may crawl out.

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