Saturday, August 26, 2006

went out for breakfast

breathtaking way to greet the day in vermont. in a camel's hump style.

4 am start, which was great. got up top of the rock with about 50 min or so before the sun finally broke. was priveleged to the slow infusion of color and light. highlights = abraham to the south with this neat cloud bank hovering just below summit, once again the clouds lazily nestled in the lower valleys, and the incredible cloud cover that existed just above the ascending sun. two shows fer the price of one. mansfield was looking like it belonged as well.

(drag a tripod up to deal with the light conditions only to learn that the stabalizer piece must got knocked off. 5 lbs of weight fer nuthin. improvised on the fly by finding suitable rocks. use what ya got, i've heard tell. these two are just a tease.)

oh. fer breakfast: two chunks of sharp cheddar, trail mix, a cliff bar, all washed down with good ol' H2O.

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