Tuesday, June 20, 2006

a lazy approach

so which one of ya has punched the philosophers game link??

not a one, my guess.

so punch it now.


excuse the stroll through sentimental swamps: me and black-jack mulligan in the microfiche collection @ msu, rollin the big cases along their rails. squeezin in between em ta grab a tape to then load into the crazy machines that ya'd use to scoll through things. not certain who managed to stumble across the tape/text (and its all that, definitively) , but my guess is that paul found it. the question at the time--cause it was immediately apparent that we had indeed found a lil somethin' somethin' way beyond cool-- was how, then, to get enough loot to make a hard copy. somehow it got done. droppin quarters in the machine.

back at the home front, treasure copied, securely in hand, drinking tea, and sitting in the nook, off grand river, deciding upon which was more interesting: to figure out how to play the game (we got as far as startin ta make pieces) or figure out how the text sat contextually within 15'th century discourse, and what the hell it was riffing off. cause its never as simple as a game.

anyone wanna play???

(working on gettin things together otherwise in re. the idea that streaked across the ol' bean. as mentioned. me thinx, at least, its cool as shit! but more later when the lens starts ta focus. and i'm gonna be lookin fer a bit of support. so prepare.)

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