Monday, June 19, 2006

by way of a new post and a reflection

the blog thing.
doesn't it provide a unique opportunity. all of a sudden yer a friggin authority, given a stage ta rant and rave w/out check. other than, perhaps, yer own self-conscious reflections on the persona you've decided to adopt.

an apology, dear reader: gotta get off the sanctimonious tip and reign things in a bit, don'tcha think. re-read the shit thrown in re. the hike of this weekend.

way over the top. was the hike all that. yup. it sure as heck was. truely drop down, rip yer head off stuff. and the cool thing was there really wasn't an opportunity to enjoy anythin of a broad vista. was just about the physical and moving with confidence and pace through tough/challenging/otherworldly space.

but then unless yer travellin in my very individualized pair of merrils, carryin the weight i've managed to amass, the connect aint gonna be there. and i shot way over the target. its just too easy to wax into hyperbole and expect everyone to not only forgive and understand but more importantly to give a shit and excuse the purple prose.

anyway. that said, let me point to the novel i started this weekend.

check it, cause it's lookin like a stunner!

read some McEwan while in grad school, and was excited. but there i was doing laundry on sunday, paging through the first chapter, feelin like i should be jumpin up and down screamin. just fantastic to read smart, well crafted prose. i'm diggin it.

otherwise: mea culpa, mea culpa!

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