Thursday, June 22, 2006

so i'm a sucker fer gothics

after finally gettin on up and managing saddleback > basin, yude imagine i'd want to put another fresh peak or two up on the board. not so.

this weekends lil' stroll = sawteeth via scenic trail > gothics and then through to pick on up on the rest. but holy crow. lookin at the topo, the scenic trail is looking for me to manage 2k in elevation over a one mile stretch. just a wee steep. but its like old school weekend. represents in part the first hike i did in the adks, which has subsequently resulted in the recurring loss of any semblance of weekend sanity. so scenic trail it is. w/ any luck we'll have good viz for the lookouts across the lower ausable. gonna be a sunday run. thinkin of a camel's hump warm up on sat.

and an echoing shout out (cause i know she hasn't been over to the site ta visit, probably doesn't even know of its existence fer that matter) to sarah mell, lookin ta cross church and main. i do gotta be in touch. a funny moment of recognition, though. one of those, look over the shoulder, hey, wait, but i was too far gone. after all, we got the mighty tigers ta celebrate together. always liked sarah.

otherwise: check the linx fools. gonna add another one to the adk forum. look fer the poorboy, cause that's me. and i'm gonna cross reference fer my upcoming stunt.

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