Monday, September 03, 2007

more later

including the contingencies and vagaries of the hike, as well as another pix or 2.

broadly: some neat stuff.
day 1 was a trample across baldface, which was much more spectacular than you would imagine if just looking at elevation. without question the great surprise of the trip. was like a mini prezi run. offering some great landscape -- especially as you move toward south baldface from the slippery rock trail. it aint washington, but the same sweep of alpine garden and cairns spread along an exposed ridge.

once across down eagle crag and a hoof to perkins notch.

day 2 = seemingly off to an ill fated start. missed my trail and instead of taking the rainbow trail straight up to carter dome, ended up goin round robin hood's barn. wildcat river trail > carter notch hut (glad i missed my turn. wowsa! unbeleievable location) > moriah carter trail to carter and the to the real treat = height. height with 360 degrees of vids, starin straight at the prezies.
to say nothing of a plateau that you hit descendin the rainbow trail.

i've already spent too little and too much time layin stuff out.
did want to send along this photo. taken between carter and height of a peregrine falcon. that's one cool bird. not the greatest shot, but then i had just spooked it from its perch, and whirlin around without a tripod. closest i've been to hunting critters.

good ta mix it up in the wild!
wicked cool.

and then i bugged out.

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