Friday, August 31, 2007

headin ta the high country

with a change of plans.
initially i was gonna launch from pinkham notch.
nope. rather, i'm making an approach from the east, north chatham. gonna grab some altitude along an exposed ridge and then drop inta the mix. for those keepin score at home:

slippery rock > sth baldface > north baldface > east crag > and down, to perkins notch.
sunday = the carter cruise, with views of the prezies and back to perkins.
monday = bug out.

should be back in burlington by 6.
w/ a pocketful of pix and a rejuvinated sense of perspective.

too funny: i'm pretty much through packin. cause i'm goin solo i needed a read. obviously wanted a smallish paperback and what did i stumble upon?
henry fielding's johnathan wilde.
google it.

too excited.
should be on the road by 7.

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