Thursday, August 16, 2007

well then

got my eyes on a d200, with a 15-300 lens
tamaron wide angle 11-15

in short my bag is lost
lost, los, lo, l

and it sure feels at this point like us airt is going to make good, if not on the entire sum, then on depreciated value.
after all: wouldn't that be cool.

i do think that i may yet spend some time at the delta counter, cause them bastards left me high and way cold, in laguradia spending the night.
seems due recourse is in order there as well.

just a drag.
i did love my gregory bag.
w/ sweat earned and burned in.

if i can manage to negotiate the camera for tomorrow, its gonna be a sunrise this weekend.
so check back.

(got a pix thats gonna show up in the green mountain club fall quarterly. not sure which. keep yer eyes pealed.)

(and you can't believe the panoramics i been creating..........)

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