Friday, August 17, 2007

lookin back:

so lets take stock.
couple weeks ago, the mighty t-racer dies on the road in ferrisburg, so i gotta do some quick shufflin, flat bed it back to burlington. etc. and then go through the logistics of purchasin a new ride.

last week i gotta get down to the plus hundred degree heat of aiken ta upgrade broke shit. server is cool, but the com interface ordered is the wrong part. what was a trip through friday turns into a trip through sunday with all sortsa tension.

at the airport find that itinerary aint gonna get me back due to airline issues. rejigger and off we go.
fail to make the connecting flight and spend the night in the airport shivering and grabbing an hour rest.
arrive in burlington monday am and luggage is nowhere ta be found. mind you i clothes are in the mix but who cares, my beloved gregory bag and camera -- with my wide angle -- are what's lost and of significance.
it's friday pm. still lost. with not one trace in any airline tracking system (?????)
me thinx. stolen.

so today, crusing ta fix somethin, spill coffee all over.
shirt and pants.
boy cant seem to catch a break. had to return home and change.

and there's a week and a bit for ya.
all told, on the upside, change is being forced.
new car.
upgrade on camera in the works.
gonna need new clothes.
gotta grab a new bag.
suppose it might just be a molting process.
a bit extreme fer my taste, but i'd be the first ta say it probably wouldn't have happened otherwise.

do check back.
thinkin a sunset cruise with new camera gear tomorrow.

up side = had another pix published in the Green Mountain Club quarterly. now that i'm a member, had it deee-livered ta my own door.
gettin outta csi grove street is next...

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