Saturday, March 10, 2007

a uvm loss

mighty cats fall to albany.
an at large bid?????
probly not.

and cause i'm a feckless loser, i got no new pix. so through the archive we go.
woke up this mornin and it looked like it would have been a stunning start to the day. crazy cloud cover, but enough room for the sun to dance. maybe tomorrow?

and wanted ta drive ta bob the butcher's fer some hog belly ta make bacon. nope.
was gonna pick up some shoulder too ta grind and run through some casings fer sausage.
so if not up top, maybe tommorow i'll get me some pork ta work wit.
or do both.

got a clam chowder in the makin though.
w/ the '82 crimson blarin, squelchin, and confusin.

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