Friday, March 16, 2007

in the thickets

ncaa tourney.
took the day off and unfortunately had to tend to the t-racer.
friggin' door latch on the driver's side wouldn't engage. think i payed a 35 dollar stupid tax. cause my bet is if i had just let things warm up, all would have been well. but drivin ta bteakfast, holdin the door shut aint no way ta live. stupid tax it is.

been watchin hoops.
my brackets are still ok.
piucked a bunch of goofy stuff early, but later picks are more conservative. if the tumblers are gonna turn gently, i'll know by sunday night.

and ta prove i'm a multitaskin monster, here's a pix.
of course. dig it if ya will. me. i think its pretty cool.

(wisconsin gonna loose in round #1? if they do, anyone that got ohio state late can hang it up...)

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