Saturday, October 14, 2006

i do love the critters

haystack>basin>saddleback today

but first a shout-out and what at this time remains a bemused, amazed reaction to the tigers making it into the series. sorry. just cant believe.
grabbed the mlb radio feed the first day of the season, and was pretty good about listening to the games, but throughout it was more a guilty, internet type pleasure. till the playoffs rolled around and now it appears we got a realistic shot. can ya make this shit up?
kenny rogers fer prez
mags fer vp!

i may fill in the details about the day today (11.5 hrs ?!?) but if i dont, do know that winter is coming. friggin blizzard up in the high country. lookin off basin toward the great range with not just flakes, but an event passing through. really kinda special. and lemme tell ya, glad it wasn't rain. gothics obscured!

and a critter. spotted right around sunset.

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