Saturday, September 09, 2006

What 4

its all about patience.
at least it seemed so this morning.

rolled out at 3.5 am and headed to the dax. full moon illuminating.
plan was for nippletop > dial.
from the ausable club got to the lower ausable and the moon was begnning to situate itself low in the sky just above the great range. had left the tripod at home, but wanted to try something in the low light before heading up to fish hawk cliffs. opened my pack, set my camera up, went to shoot, and....
no friggin battery.

decision time.

here's what i was thinking. i was probably .5 late to get the moon dropping over from somewhere up high. had no tripod, so no way to open the shutter anyway. didn't have a turkey sandwitch for lunch. all with no juice for my camera. not stacking up that well.

so: better perhaps to turn it on back to burlington and plan for a trip tommorow. better timed, with a tripod. its way too far over to leave from home and expect a sunrise, but we may nonetheless get some way cool lowlight stuff. got a 3 am departure planned, w/ tripod, fully charged battery, and a sandwich.

moon aint gonna be full, but yule have that.

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