Sunday, September 10, 2006

never ceases to amaze...

did manage, despite the voiced scepticism of others, to hit the road today by 3.
on the trail @ 4.5.

and walked, once more, down a primrose path ta magic. just too, too much.
hangin out on indian head, some -- i dont know -- 700 feet above lower ausable lake, waiting and then watching the sky begin to ignite. all the while the moisture from the valley rolling through, refracting and spiraling light this way and that. big ol' set a hills hill sittin quizzicly behind the curtain. starin.
on to nippletop. which i reached just as the sun finally broke through the high elevation clouds.
on to dial.
on to bear den.
on to noonmark.

did need to snap off a piece of the dacks.

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