Friday, September 29, 2006

A Happy Birthday to Lizzie Lupie Lou!

Shout out to my lil' niece Lizze, cause its her b-day today.
Best day of the year, after all.

haven't posted in a bit.
not sure which direction ta head. if one is necessary.

guess i'll keep things short.
know that tommorow a cruise is planned.
gonna see how the weather is, but the intention is to head to the dax and go after skylight, again. last time up, loved the hike, but there was little to no pay off. just too cloudy.
upper works > calamity brook > flowed lands > lake colden > quick run > and up we go. lotta distance to cover, which is frankly what i'm after.
could, though, call an audible and grab some filth.

stay tuned, ladies and germs.

1 comment:

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