Saturday, September 30, 2006

after a long walk

and a renewed sense of center.
skylight was the call. wanted a cruise (its somewhere around 20 miles round trip from upper works) and really wanted to get up on top after doing so this summer on a day that provided no vids.

travellin through some very distinct and unique landscapes.
but: way wet. as was the case this summer, majority of the time spent workin through the soup. rock hoppin at its best.

on top. really something, with views spinnin around.
spectacular view of marcy/filth with the great range standing behind lookin nasty.'gonquin and its group off to the nw. elk lake. etc.
yet can't help but feeling that given its position, yer somehow outta the mix. which may be the appeal.

and didn't even miss the michigan game...

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