Monday, July 24, 2006

six of one/half dozen of the other

there ya have it.

colden sits between marcy and algonquin. and yet given recent exposure, once up there (especially after the fear and trembling on haysatck) a wee bit of a letdown. an undefined peak that ya gotta scoot around in order to take advantage of the views available. big slide from the area absolutely too cool, w/ the rest of the great range lurking but really not close enough ta bite.

not a great view of gonq, and marcy (at least today) wasn't showing an interesting side.

think i missed the intensiity that unhinges. hike was short (appx 12) and really never offered up a challenge.

think yule agree about big slide, which is the 2'nd pix

the other suggests a move to the abstract that seems intriguing right about now. with an apology to those whose aesthetic doesn't embrace late monet...

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