Thursday, July 27, 2006


just wanna convey mellow.

internationally all hell is breaking loose. w/ an administration that appears to be one step behind, letting events dictate the tempo.
if syria holds such a crucial position between radicalism and moderation why haven't we been speaking to them all along? disappointing to see lack of foresight from the dept of state. ol' condie overseas and strugglin to matter.
she's lookin good, though.

ultimately she's late to the dance (by choice?????!!!!!) and wondering why nobody wants ta sign her card. guess diplomacy has always been the last thought on the mind of an agressor.

we got a mess on our hands folks. lookin like the ancients and the moderns are gonna be gettin it on. and ancients are lining up all in step, they're in the process of becoming significantly threatening (iranian nukes) , and yup, they have a conviction and a resolve. they believe.

we better too.

and feeling a bit displaced locally. most of the recent pix have not been from vermont. which is ok, i guess. but after all, there are native beauties that i haven't been out trying to uncover and reveal.

the vermont landscape is far from majestic, far from presumptuous. we got cows. remember when i was young the word was there were more cows than people in the state. not sure what the ratio is now...

the humble nature of things here may be the appeal, though. it just might speak to an aesthetic distance and a reserve that translates into a comfortable seperation.

we got cows, which are seemingly beyond the reach of conflict. dark eyes, comfortably just reflecting ink.

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Fares said...

nice post, I love Vermont!

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