Tuesday, June 13, 2006

so i hate to sound like a modernist...

while in grad school at msu i managed, in the words of pound, to "mug up kulture."

the flavor of the day happened to be the po-mo frenchies. coming from vermont the exposure was both fascinating and also a tad liberating. certainly a whole different paradigm seemed at play than what i was used ta hearing about at the lunch counter of the a&w on the corner of church and bank. that is, of course, if you should choose to accept the paradigm mr. phelps.

all that slippin and slidin between signifier and signified, differance, bodies w/out organs, power as a generative rather than repressive force, and of course simulacrum. it'll make ya dizzy.

must be gettin old, and looking to anchor down a bit. now i'd rather just confront the hills and the realities hidden therein.

check this, from walter bonatti, an italian climber and an absolute crazy bastard, who by accounts (and if you read his own work ya bump headlong into truth told first hand) was singular in his ability to stare directly in the face of whatever "it" happens ta be. without flinching. without a laugh.

a bonatti reflection, which has a striking echo of thoreau:

"I consider that if everybody were given the chance of undergoing similar experiences they would acquire a much better comprehension of themselves and others. They might also understand that humanity has changed and no longer knows how to live. As though it has gone crazy, it constantly imprisons itself in it's own myths and ambitions, rushing from one servitude to another. Man seems to be positively at pains to dehumanize himself, to abandon all that is most positive in his nature....A glance at our society is almost enough to make one long for a more primitive state of being.... What does it help us to possess all that progress has placed at our service when we have lost all sense of the meaning of things and even of life itself."

old school.
gettin back to the primitive.
lets start a tribe y'all!

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