Thursday, June 15, 2006

good for ya.


utterly uncivilized behavior. and not just displayed by those who passed by and cast, or worse--and you know there were more than a few in the lot--those who lacked the courage to cast, a devoid glance.

was really puzzled and morbidly fascinated by the clinical detail of this description i found online.

the version below has been edited.
i placed the space between what is the body of the following text and the last sentence.

"May 14, 11 PM - 1st Turkish group find Sharp. Sharp is sitting up and they tell him to move on. They don't understand his answer and continue ascent. They claim that they do not understand he has severe problems.
May 14, 11.15 PM - 2nd Turkish group observes Sharp and believe he is dead or sleeping. Sharp is lying down.
May 15, 1 AM - A guide from Himex (Russell Brice's Himalayan Experience commercial expedition) finds Sharp "alive", "shivering", "no gloves", "signs of severe frostbite in hands and face". He radios to expedition leader Brice and is advised to move on up (Ed note: This statement has later been denied by the commercial expedition leader).
May 15, 9.30 AM - Mark Inglis, and a couple of other climbers/Sherpas (Himex, Arun trek, Turkish) find Sharp still alive but in "very poor condition" and severe frostbite. A Sherpa finds oxygen nearby and administers it without effect. Sharp has no gloves. They radio expedition leader Brice and are told to move on. Expedition leader says "He is in effect dead". According to Inglis, they are the only people helping Sharp. According to Mark Inglis about 40 people pass Sharp on their way to the summit and back.

Weather is good and most climbers make the summit."

good for ya.
"in effect dead" =

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