Monday, October 15, 2007

ya ever been broke into?

weird how the emotional stuff rolls out.

now i'm just plain pissed. not at all aggressively. just pissed.
in a low key sort of way.
not at the perps. they'll get theirs.

but holy crow. i sure do have a bunch to either replace or not. and thats lost history.
and now i spend time trying to recapture a whole chunk of time that i was excited about this or that.

random thought equals: the fuckers got my pogues disc. there was a point in time that listening to dirty ol' town mattered.
random thought equals: the fuckers stole my alpine valley dvd. being there for the event now sullied?

this weekends assault on haystack didn't exorcise the demons.
got part of the way, but still off kilter.

i'm lookin to recapture a history that they stole and yet still relying on time get beyond the immediacy of the event and the loss.
doesn't seem like a winning equation is possible.
but thats just for now!

only good news is that global busted out to $2.35.


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