Saturday, October 20, 2007

couple things

and that's my beloved haystack.
a run to the dax slated for tomorrow too. thinkin colvin > blake. all the while grabbin the cliffs lookin out over the lower and upper ausable lakes. weird cause thats one i haven't yet managed. guess thats a good enough reason in itself.

(the while listenin ta the msg spingsteen show from the '18'th. "thundercrack. baby's back!"

too. poached some bananers in maple syrup/single malt scotch/sugar/water. and now i got em in the dehydrator. good mountain vittles.)

on the horizon = next weekends trip back, yup, to the dax. friday cut out early, once there from the iron works and into lake colden. establish camp. and then a run up ta colden itself.
saturday and sunday = shenanigans that involve both marcy and gonquin.
with marcy, that'll be the 4 highest in the area all in a summer. k-tod, washington, mansfield, marcy.

on another tangent: actually started lookin at places to live, for purchase.

go sox!

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