Monday, September 17, 2007

where's waldo???

maize and blue.
picked the right weekend for a visit ta the big house amidst 111k crazies.
michigan - 38
notre dame -0
and it wasn't even that close.

real star though was bro eric, who came up huge at every turn. bless 'em. providing vittles and entertainment for the vermont contingent throughout, including considerate stop at dugan's irish pub on woodward after the game. with honorable mention to k.b. fer drivin the tacoma and shouldering the responsibility of safe transit, which aint no small feat.

sunday was golf at pine knob w/ eddie, and good rounds scored by all. more importantly a nice respite on some well sculpted landscape. dig the high country the most, but...

all with a wake up this morning @ 5.5 am.

looking forward:
khatadin bay-beee. for the weekend following next.
got the bruce tix in the mail.
and of course 9/20 marks my anniversary on the planet. i'd love a sunrise cruise....

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