Wednesday, September 05, 2007

i'll post pix next

but wanted to get an idea as to what i managed over the weekend by creating topos of the route's for day 1 and 2.

remarkable if i do say so myself.
day 1 = full pack for the entirety.
day 2 = day provisions through carter dome > nothing but camera to height and back to carter > day provisions to abc > packing out with full load from perkins notch/abc to trailhead.

beyond the asthetics and in terms of the physical.
stats are as follows:
with full 45-50 pound pack on day 1. appx 10.25 miles. take a look at the first push. its only a 3500 foot peak, after all. but 3k of elevation gain in the first 4.2 miles?!?!? do the math. that, my friends is a worthy and just slog. casual ridge run and then down the other side. abc at roughly 10.3 miles.

day 2 stacks up as remarkable.
17 miles. 4.1k up, 6.2k down. with steeps going up carter and more significantly down from baldface. down from baldface was plain nasty.
timing was. left abc at roughly 7. outta the wood at roughly 6. 11 hours/17 miles through the rough.

not bad.

to follow. pix and a summation/reconsideration of the exploit.

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