Friday, September 21, 2007

CSI Grove

what a weird couple months.
could it all be topped?
on the night of my birthday?

(nope it aint like yer thinkin)

get woken up at like 2.5 am last night by burlington's finest. "got a report that someone was exiting your appartment loaded down with boxes....."
i shrug it off as neighborly shennanigans, which, those who know my situation will certainly understand.

rose this morning, stumble to the shower and notice on the way that my bike is gone. yup. you guessed it. i had been struck by prowlers.
grabbed all my dvds. 50% of my cds. (mind you, thats alotta weight/material. the aforesaid mountain bike. stereo. wallet. and......
yup. my camera.

call the police.
call the bank in re. credit card.
interestingly enough got an immediate line on not only where charges were made, but when. a perfect blueprint.
call the po-lice. fill them in.
and you bet nearly all the stops frequented by the prowlers have video cameras rolling.

detective stops by csi grove. takes the info and he's off and running.
before he does go, though, i ask what i can possibly do to help matters. he mentions that it may help to type up a list of the discs and the vids that were boosted and drop them off at stores in town that sell used media.
first reaction was: yea. yea. yea. lotta good thats gonna do.

yet. having taken care of all else that seemed necessary (drivers license/bank/etc.) figured why not. i'll draw one up. so i start in and get a ways. get discouraged. start again. "is this gonna make a difference????????"
well i ended up cobling something together. drive to three locations and tell em the story.

and here's where it gets even more unreal.
not 5 minutes after having returned home i get a call from one of the stores.
"ya gotta come down. somebody just dropped a bunch of stuff and they are coming back in an hour."
head down. its my stuff. and for comic effect, you cant make it up, they brought the stuff down in my easily identifiable recycle bin!

sure enough: prowlers return, 5-0 do their thing. and we got two pigeons in a squad car.

stay tuned ladies and germs.
i'll be posting.

camera/stereo/bike are still out there somewhere.
can only hope.....

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Anonymous said...

That stinks on ice...
if they looted yer fridge....
swing by...
I's got sum vittles n cold beer.