Monday, August 13, 2007

this is great!

after slumbering in the lovely, hospitable, and frigid environs of laguardia airport last night, i finally arrive back and i aint got no check on bag.

idiot that i am, what's in da bag?
camera and 2 lenses.

dont have a good feeling at all.
flight i was on: nope
1'st flight thereafter: nope.
2'nd flight just touched down.

only thing i got going for me is the visual i got while at the counter, all the while sayin where's my bag, man.
appeared that they had their own share of issues on the other side of the line.
bags were everywhere.
if bags are everywhere, confusion abounds.

but here's what's odd.
getting bumped in columbia just felt weird. and just that. call it a gut.
hate ta be a paranoid, but, the whole evening seemed off half a step. and i suppose thats what flying's all about these days. at the complete mercy of what is an industry/corporation/complex.

i can only hope that good news awaits, and paranoia is seen fer what it is.

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