Tuesday, August 07, 2007

one more, w/ a promise

and an apology. this looks alot like a previous posted pix. but the previous didn't stretch to include the upper ausable lake or, beyond that, elk lake way back in there.

looking ahead.
thinking about a run on the long trail. heading north cause south hikers, well, i'd shock the lot if i weighed in w/ an honest opinion about dem.
the hump through and over mansfield. what a crazy hike not to have done for a native. haven't specked it out at all. thinkin 3 days, so i'll need to take a monday off and start friday. more on that later.
and recognize that baxter state park hike is still well in the hopper. early fall?

meanwhile. heading down to south carolina tomorrow fer work. be back friday. bringing the nikon.
hoping to dig on some regional food. gotta find where the locals nosh....

stay tuned ladies and germs.

go tigers.
go dems.
lets establish some peace!

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