Sunday, July 01, 2007

sunday before the 4'th

broadly: terrorist thugs in play.

very bummed about still being grounded.
i must have really done a # on my foot. though today it seems a bit better than it has. can put a bit of weight on it and a horizon seems to be forming. gonna ice the heck out of it today. perhaps a hike on the 4'th????

so what a grounded boy ta do? bang some pots and pans.
make jerky, jerky.
as well as pulled pork.
and i've got some beans soakin for a batch of red beans.

read through more of the cantos.
which has got to be one of the stranger reads i can remember. currently working through XLII-LI (pisan cantos are next!), the section dealing with the revolution. puzzling and inspiring.

longingly plan another trip to the whites.
funny. when first in the dax i used ta climb one or two, which would reveal one or two others. looking at the map last night i realized i was following the same pattern. initially i was fixed on the tripyramids, scooting to whiteface and then passaconnaway.
nope. now i'm thinking carter dome etc., to the west of the prezie run.

and read some pulp.

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