Sunday, July 22, 2007

reporting live from rose tv....

after tearin' off some spectacular real estate in the whites.

camped near mitzpa hut. in the driving rain.
saturday, through unsettled, variable whether, Pierce, Eisenhower, Franklin, Monroe, and then to the top of Washington we go. down tucks, a right at tucks crossover, and back up and over to ABC1, which = .5 miles or so down the ammonussuc ravine trail. sunset with visability that stretched to the greenies. the hump's profile was unmistakable and follow that all the way through mansfield, hor, and finally jay and beyond: canada.

great ridge runnin through the course of the day with required heavy lifting included in the mix, by way of course!

today. a good start and back to crawford notch w/ return trips to both eisenhower and pierce (cause when passin through saturday there was 0% vids). franklin, at 5k, happened to be on the way.

for those at home keepin score:
pierce = 4312
eisenhower = 4760
franklin = 5001
monroe = 5372
washington = 6288

saturday decided to go down washington via tucks ravine through a boulder field. then the tucks crossover, back to lake of the clouds all ta get to ABC1. insane. broad scope of alpine terrain with lines of cairns visable that stretched along visable horizon as the sun was goin down. feelin like the wagon train! coverin ground.

today. catching up with what we missed. looking back toward washington and seeing it framed between franklin and monroe.

the AT, circumventing monroe (cause up and over we've been a couple times), with some crazy views both north and south.

haven't yet taken enough time to go through the pix. but upon first scan, there are more than a few. figured, though, i'd show y'all the visable from ABC1 from last night.

everyone be good. recognize there's wonders apleanty out there!
they aren't all in the highcountry, but thats where i choose ta throw my line.....


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