Friday, July 06, 2007

me thinx i'm goin up

foot still isnt quite right, but its carryin weight.

and i've got an open ended plan that has plenty of outs. namely.
in the whites.
webster cliff trail (that's daniel) > over webster > over jackson > to nauman tentsite ( appx 6.4)
which will position me .9 miles from the summit of Pierce. siesta?????
could then do a sunrise cruise. beyond, who knows. it'll be sunday, and i gotta get back, but if things go well, if the foot is feelin ok, got eisenhower, franklin and boy it'd be kinda cool to get all the way to monroe.

food is prepped.
bag i otherwise gotta pack.

figure i'll just get up when i get up and scoot. only downside is the mighty t-racer's got no petrol.

nice not knowin.
meantime: go tigers! got them sox.

we'll be in touch from the other side of the weekend.

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