Sunday, June 03, 2007

times book review today

i guess you wait until your cultural moment arrives.
for the lucky few, you create that moment. always thought there was a chance i would, and time is still left. so i may yet still.

but an interesting read that seemed an eerie representation of my own.

3 seemingly disparate books.
on the cover = ian mcewann's new novel. wow. that's some exciting stuff. since ol' matt turned me on to cement garden i've been a fan.
and then there's a review of a bio of joe strummer. only band that matters. and within the context of the jfk show. there's a quote that runs something along the line of : we dont wanna turn into the who. they walked off that afternoon. after having been the target of sneakers , fruit, etc.
finally, a book on mushrooms. while never taken personally, going to dead shows, etc. it was certainly part of an alternative culture to which i belonged.

to mid
to low.

touchin all the bases.

both comforting and a bit worrisome.
cause that means yer gettin old.

i'll step on it afore too long.

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