Saturday, June 16, 2007


day 2 in the whites:

rain intermittent through the night. drops sneakin' everywhere.

after the heavy lifting of day one in the whether, another day of hiking across slick rock?

but the morning turned glorious.
abc1, bay-bee.
w/ eddie eventually rattlin it all, calling "time ta make the donuts."
got some liftin ta do.

lake of the clouds and up. up. up. chris bangin back from sleepin through the night w/ a tent like a sieve.
spiders eatin flys.
the most serindipidous and interesting moment of the lot.

w/ pizza?
and a train wreck?
jeff. cairn as high as a bear. no decision necessary. sun.

round the bend and back again. only to find adams. which was: filth. truely.
boulders piled on boulders piled on boulders. pyramidic.

to find abc2. through the trees.

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