Friday, June 15, 2007

dax on the lowdown

an interlude from the story of our interpid, prezi travellers.

spent last night in my beloved dax. never thought i'd say it, but subsequent to the trip to the whites, dem dax got teeth, but there is a certain dense, earthy quality to bein' in the park. the prezies are altogether alien/otherworldly/hostile.

on a side note: spillin out into the loj parking lot i met the wife of randall peeters. google it. dudes been around, including hitting the highest on the continents. 4 years ago successfully summited everest, while his climbing partner was left behind. k2 done once but yet another trip planned for next year. a sweet woman and a very interesting conversation to say the least....

stay tuned, ladies and germs.
cause pix will follow.
ta feed the jones dig this from in front of my lean-to, appx. 5.5 this am.

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