Monday, June 25, 2007

bad wheel

good news and bad.
tweeked my foot while over in whites. started ta notice it on the final, 3'rd day. must've been the endless pile of rock leading to the summit of that bastard adams.

(witness the typical pile ta yer left)

and its been nagging since. w/ saturday being the worst. could put no pressure at all on it.
so taday, off to the md.s we go. guess i'm lookin at either a hairline fracture or just some twisted up liggies. with the liggies lookin more like the root cause. keep 'er iced 3 times a day and get all hopped up on advil 3xperday.
should be better in appx a week.
not fully healed, but better.

timing couldn't have been worse cause now i got the gear, the days are finally providing sweet whether.....
ah well.
have ta stay in the low country and bide my time.

and still reading through the cantos.
interestingly: made a border's run saturday and grabbed mailer's "armies of the night."
wanted to find a copy aftyer reading lowell's letters, but it wasn't ta be.
so my recent curricula has been:

intermittent dipping into lowell's poetry.
the letters
wc williams' "patterson"
ezra's "cantos"
to be followed by mailer.
from there i may fast forward and get to the new delillo.

oh: and did i mention that the tigers are beginning to look filthy?
starters = bonderman (who hasn't lost yet this year): rogers ('nuff said): verlander (who is out of his head throwin 100 miles an hour into the late innings. did i mention the no-no?); the kid, miller, who managed last night to shade himself from the spotlight and pitch 6 scoreless, all the while throwin absolute heat; and nate robertson.
ya gotta be kiddin me.
and for your detroit tigers, playing centerfield and batting first.....
sorry. soup ta nuts there aint a man in the lineup that you can pitch around.

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