Monday, May 28, 2007


didn't get up the mountain this weekend.

kinda bummed at myself for bein' a slacker, but....
guess yule have that.

as far as an update:
perhaps most significantly the tumblers are turnin on the home front. looks like its time to actually get serious about plunkin some loot down on a condo/small home and set up my own shop. prompted by an absolutely absurd set of events that are certain to rival what i went through when the self-righteous, sanctimonious femminist crew @ msu had me spinnin on a spit. as was true then, er reflected in my ya trips to the laundry, ya gotta wonder. when is the day.

tigers loose 3 to the tribe?!? all last year they seemed to have a difficult time stepping up and playing big. sure they won a ton of games, and they look like they are on course this year to win a bunch as well, but...
struggles this year against the bosox and now the tribe.
as ol' rick flair used ta say: to be the man, ya gotta beat the man. and they got schooled this weekend.

don delillo has got a new novel! grabbed it yesterday, along w/ a book on marinades etc. funny that the color scheme used echoes my own for my jerky. jerky.

just finished playin golf at williston.
duke vs. hopkins in ncaa lax finals today @ 1.

and in perhaps one of the more wonderous moments i've had in quite a bit:
i'm cruisin through the grocery after playin golf and i see a 3 year old excitedly swinging a box of animal crackers. i may be gettin old, but wow. i somehow managed to dial in to the same joy crusing the aisles of the grand union, in the ethan allen shopping center.

meanwhile: poor mole man has got troubles of his own! it does suck when yer danger signal goes off!

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