Tuesday, April 24, 2007

time'll tell

an interesting development up here in the north country.

( in other weirdness. picked up the freeps last saturday and there was a front page story about the vt. senate lookin ta impeach the prez. and under the fold in the local section there was a ditty about the local public access channel airing episodes of al jazera)

it seems there's a debate about the yankee nuke power plant here in vt. and weather or not to escalate the output. seems that nuclear power is green?!?

all in the context of global warming.
wonder if the kids at groovey uvey'll be out on the lawn clamorin' fer the gvt to increase spendin on rampin it all up.

gettin old is funny. ya know.
seems like yesterday that everyone was squackin' the other way.

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