Saturday, March 03, 2007

so ya just gotta believe

all told, think i've only been to two rock and roll shows that have led to commercial releases.

dead at alpine in '89 = a must have performance, lovingly released on dvd.
king crimson in '84 = "absent lovers." the spectrum in montreal. a show(s) which i actually taped myself.

perhaps the most rip-yer-head-off, spin-ya-around, kick-ya-in-the-ass-performance i've ever been too, though, was crimson in montreal in 82. sitting, with legs outstretched, 3'rd row or so, viscerally feeling an onslaught. concrete floor trembling. freak turns to me about three songs in and wonders whether the sounds squelchin off the stage are actual or canned.

awhile ago i saw a bootleg copy of the show in a shop in the village but didn't have the loot. funny cause i'm all but certain that the fella responsible for the recording was the same fella sitting in front of us, who was taping.

and today, crusing around

lo and behold!

i'll tell ya. this whole digital thing is too much.
its downloading now.

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