Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a preliminary

(all the while watchin q-ball freakin. given the weather, she's been cooped up. not a good thing fer a stone cold killa, as i'm beginning to realize. so now she atop the sofa in attack mode, krunkin'. there's a thin piece of rag she's convinced = da enemy. kickin it on up, rollin: makes you wonder just exactly what reality spins in the mind of a cat.)

after the nor'easter. trail has already gotta be stomped.

civil twilight @ 6:15 am.
need at least 2 hours to get up mansfield via sunset ridge.
4:15 @ the trailhead means leaving csi grove @ 3:45.
to add cushion that'd mean gettin out the comforts @ 3.
w/everything ready ta go.

lets let weather patterns develop and become more definite.
i'd love to think saturday.

sunrise in the dead of winter?!?
a step out? perhaps.
been a winter w/little activity and a buncha doubt (all kinda undefined.)

could be a good opportunity to initiate and commit to another drive. begin the slow process of righting the ship.
throw out the dark bits and begin gettin on after it again.

gotta remember: the sublime is out there. just gotta find yerself in place, in time!

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