Thursday, February 15, 2007


20+ inches, which all the locals already have accommodated for.
took an hour this mornin ta push, shove and otherwise wrestle the snow up and outta my drive so the t-racer could gently ease on out onta grove street like a boat movin outta a tight slip. grove st., aptly named today, less for the trees than for the snowbanks providing a unique passageway through what all managed to accumulate. waves movin and shakin way high.

and my apologies. guess i'm not a photog after all, cause i maintained position in the apt yesterday w/out venturing out to snap pics. had the time, but just not feelin the drive.
(readin up on curing meat and makin sausage.)

no excuse offered, but: gettin over a weird, makin' all trembly/wobbly/topsy-turvey bug.

suppose there's a consistency to it all, though.
all winter i've been less than animated. bug er no bug.
thinkin that a new commitment might be in order; its a bit late in the season but i do, in fact, need ta get back on the bus.
winter be damned.

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