Saturday, February 03, 2007

no pix yet

but an interesting re-engagement.
chose forest city trail > lt > all the way up ta the top.
in spite of knowin better.

steep, steep, steep.
spent 4 hours negotiating fresh trail. w/ the push to the ridge-run up scary rock and the final 7.5 hondo feet representing some serious pitch.

funny, cause comin down on I-89, which = burrows trail, i passed a couple fellas.
fella # 1: "where ya comin from?"
moi: "forest city and on over."
fella # 2: "i've done it in the summer, but: how were the drifts?"
moi: "deep."
fella # 2: "what about blazes?"
moi: "blazes, what stinkin blazes....."
and off and runnin, all the way down.

in short.
not in shape. crazy choice of trail. inevitably leading to some interesting introspection. and questioning. the hump aint got no bone catcher, but .

and now i got my home made bacon cookin in the oven.
figurin the blt ta end all blt's is what i'm all about right now.

eveyone. keep on keepin.
push it.

(w/ perhaps a pix or two ta follow)

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